Professional IT Support

Is your computer running slower than usual? Are you concerned about keeping your passwords protected? These are just two of the many common problems our clients reach out to us for assistance with. Computers and other devices are complex machines that can experience a multitude of issues – and these issues are often beyond the understanding of the everyday person. Our “Nerds” know no limits. Whether you stop by our store or prefer us to come to you, we’ll always be prepared with everything we need to solve your problem.

IT Support

NerdPlace IT Support

Computer running slower than usual lately? This is actually one of the most common issues. Send your underperforming pc, laptop, or computer to our “Nerds” and we will take care of it!

Is your company growing and you need a more secure way to store your files? Look no further! Use NerdPlace’s state of the art and highly secure servers to store your files!

Virus’s got your business down? No worries! Our “Nerds” deal with all sorts of viruses. See here

Wifi doesn’t reach the back of your property? Or maybe you have a bunch of dead spots? Our “Nerds” specialize in getting you the best wireless signal possible. 

Whether you’re a large corporation or a start up. NerdPlace offers 24/7 remote IT Support for your business.

Got some new fancy tech and need help setting it up? NerdPlace will come to you and help you set your devices up!

From emails to server security, NerdPlace will make sure your infrastructure is safe and secure.  

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